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Thanks to Game Mate you can find individual players or groups at any time to play on a wide range of platforms and games that are always up to date. It does not end here, Game Mate provides you with a wide selection of custom filters for each platform and game with which you can perform your search, in this way you will always be sure to find players who are your in case, considering playing skills, age, geographical position and much more.


Game Mate gives you the opportunity to create your teams to take part in tournaments and ladders so your team will earn points that will make you climb the rankings of the games in which you decide to compete.


Game Mate will regularly organize official tournaments to which the teams will be able to access and for the single players there will be no problems as the Game Mate algorithm will create teams automatically, associating players of the same level. In addition, any user will be able to create his tournaments and to involve all interested players. Tournament management with relative bracket is completely developed in visual and can be consulted in real time from any device.

COMPETE IN THE LADDERS (soon available)

Even the Ladders will be present on Game Mate! They will give teams the opportunity to compete for the crown. The goal is to give players the opportunity to take advantage of a stimulating and competitive tool. There will be a wide selection of ladders, from the most classic to the provincial ones.